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like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. fact is, when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips go below the enamel surface to whiten as well as $500 professional treatments, at a fraction of the cost. guaranteed, or your money back. crest. life opens up when you do. want a whiter smile today? try 2 hour express whitestrips. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera reporting that 32 spectators were injured
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at least two critically including a small child in a terrifying crash on the last lap of a race at the daytona international speedway. coming as it does on the eve of tomorrow's daytona 500 nascar's biggest race this shattering crash shifts the focus from what had been a week celebrating danica patrick becoming the first woman to win the pole position in the 500. i will have the latest on the casualties in today's crash, update you on the status appeals the track and foe he cuss on what i think is nascar's outrageous efforts to is suppress is video showing the horrific nature of the crash. i will have that at the bottom of the hour. this is an at large alert. they finally nailed drew peterson the creepy ex-cop i met shortly after his second wife went missing. >> spent 15-20 minutes with sergeant drew peterson and he talked about both category
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savio and stacey peterson. >> he feels the wagons closing in around him. despite police statements that he was suspected in the deaths of two wives for months until the indightment many media types treated him like a celebrity. matt lauer on the today show even allowed him to it attack me. >> what do you regret over the last four months? >> letting geraldo rivera in my house. >> anything other than that? >> nothing other than that. >> geraldo: after his arrest he was still eri arrogant and def. >> the convicted murderer was sentenced to 38 years for killing his third wife. the math indicates he will likely die there. as you recall a jury last year convicted drew peterson for the 2004 death of kathleen savio.
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>> geraldo: peterson howled in the courtroom when the is sentence was happened down. a spectacle that brought great comfort to the family and friends of his victims and to everyone peterson insulted along the way. like the cops and the prosecutor who finally nailed him. >> the reason i never looked drew peterson in the eye is i never acknowledged his existences. he looked him in the eye today. the state police and i have never had such a gratifying experience in a courtroom than to have the cold blooded killer affirm our excellence. >> geraldo: so adios treatment. drew peterson. >> we will soon be learning whether jodi arias will suffer the same fate. now, after more than a week of graphic direct testimony in the capital murder trial. one of the few witnesses that testified for jodi will be joining us shortly. up front tonight, the suicide of mindy mccrery and the role
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if any a a popular tv show played in her death. after country music star fell on hard times and drug addiction she appeared on season three of dr. drew's celebrity rehab series. three years later she was dead. the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. mindy was the fifth cast member to die after appearing on the show. rocker mike star and the real world joey covart died of drug overdoses. rodney king drown in miss swimming pool and jeff conway died of pneumonia. critics say all should have had follow-up care following their appearances on dr. drew's show. tom sizemore appeared with mindy on celebrity rehayband is is -- rehab and is kind enough to joan us from los angeles. you look better than you did the last time i interviewed you. thank you very much. tell us your reaction when you first heard that she had killed
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herself in this fashion? >> i was really shaken actually. i didn't know her very well. but any time you are in treatment and that was my last time i had been in treatment but i think it was my 14th one. but i have been clean now four years may 29 coming up. happy to report. any time you go to treatment with somebody even if you don't get close to them there is a certain kind of bond that you feel -- i feel that i have had with people. and, of course, she sang that song "i'm still here" which really affected me, when she sang it there on the show. i was just -- you know, i would have -- although i was close to mike, i kind of -- it was incredibly saddening but i kind
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of understood it and was better able to accept it, it was a drug overdose. the violent nature of this that she loaded a gun, shot an animal, her dog, and then shot herself just i didn't see that kind of potential in her and it just is terribly sad. >> geraldo: did you you have a physical reaction when you got the news, tom? >> i threw up. i actually got the dry heaves. i threw up. it was really -- really shook me up badly, to tell you the truth. >> geraldo: did you know david wilson her boyfriend who shot himself apparently in that same exact spot? >> no, i didn't know david wilson. i became aware of her very traumatic, if you will, relationship she had had
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throughout her life starting very young with a famous pitcher and the father of her first son zander. she talked about zander a lot when she was in treatment. i didn't know that she was -- that she was in these very, very tumultous and seemingly self-destructive relationships with men. seemingly all the time. i think dr. drew said that she was -- >> geraldo: go ahead, tom. >> i did think when i was doing the show that she was -- she held herself kind of above us. i don't think that was consciously but she was kind of some what removed like she was a love addict and a we were all drug addicts and i thought she was maybe full of a little b.s. there. i thought she was perhaps an alcoholic or drug addict or
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both. i don't know what love addiction is. i don't underand it this to tell the truth. >> geraldo: do you blame the show at all, with the five deaths people say maybe the producers should rethink the format and there should be he mandatory follow-up? do you blame dr. drew at all? >> no. no. i think people should understand something about what that show is, was. i don't believe they do it any more. and what dr. drew gives you when you go to the show. he doesn't give you anything that they don't give you in atreatment center which is a prescription for who you to get your disease of alcoholism and addiction at bay because you are never going to be cured and that is you do the 12 steps, attend meetings every day. get a experience and work the steps. and those are -- and those are the things you do. now, when i left the show i went to a sober living and then
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i went back treatment because i wasn't ready. i had a bigger problem with the substance abuse. but everyone that goes to treatment is given the same prescription. it is -- you have to have a willingness. i was very willing at that time. when i was on your show back i think it was in 2006 or 2005, geraldo, and you say i look better today. i was tore up. and i was out here lying to you about being clean and look at my teeth are whiter. i was like a maniac. and i wasn't ready at all to get clean. i was in super duper big denial about by having a problem. that is true. why did i become willing? i made a tremendous mess of my life and i was, you know, the well worn cliche is i was sick and tired of being sick and
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tired. i was fairly desperate in a way. i called drew up and said i would stand on my head for two years if it would get me clean and just so happened to be before they were going to do the celebrity rehappen thing. i was broke, too. i don't think that people are willing most of the time. most people that go to treatment are forced in there and this was one -- this was only the is second treatment that i actually called up the place and said hi, i'm tom sizemore and i have a bad problem with alcohol and drugs. drugs specifically and i need to do something about it. so i had initiated that my being on the show so to speak but i initiated that treatment and i really truly wanted to get clean. i had two kids. i was older. and it just was -- i was burnt out. there was nothing there any more. just desolation.
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>> geraldo: i congratulate you for being clean, i take you at your word things are different now. you have gotten some roles and coming back into the a list. i wish you the best. i know that you say mindy mccready's death not drew's fault. i appreciate that. thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. >> geraldo: coming up the champ's daughter is here to tell us about the teenage cousin she lost to gun violence in chicago. the bigger loser's jillian michaels will tell us about being a fat kid, believe it or not. and we will meet some of the college girls using the sugar daddy website to put themselves through school at a price. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward
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i remember dropping the knife and it made a big noise and i just remember screaming. i don't remember anything after the that. >> you shay you have memory problems but it depends on the circumstance, right? >> that's right. >> and give me the factors, i don't want to know about a specific circumstance. what factors influence your having a memory problem? >> usually when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me or someone like travis doing the same. >> so that affects your memory problems, right? >> it does. it makes my brain scramble. >> so you are saying that it is -- basically what you are saying is it is mr. martinez fault that you can't remember things that are going on. >> it is not your fault. >> i'm not saying that. you're saying that. >> geraldo: accused killer jog jodi fighting for her life in her capital murder trial in arizona. my next guest was one of the few to testify on jodi's behalf. he says he witnessed a scene in which the victim travis alexander did seem abusive.
7:17 pm
gus, before i ask you about that, were you intimate with jodi arias? >> no, not the at all. >> geraldo: so what was the nature of your relationship? >> i was a intercepter for her. she had asked me to help her improve her business and i started working with her a couple of times a week on the phone. once every so a month in person. we would meet at an event. >> geraldo: you witnessed a scene where jodi was speaking is it on the telephone with travis? did you know travis as well if i might ask? >> i knew both of them. i knew jodi better than i knew travis but i new them both. >> geraldo: describe what happened. >> it is how she happened to be there with me in the first place is that we would talk a couple of times a week and she called me and she was very upset that her and travis had some kind of a fight again because they were kind of on again off you again. i said i'm only about an hour and a half away from you in las vegas, come and spend a couple of day there's and calm down.
7:18 pm
she came and she -- i was in a motor home parked at the tropicana hotel across from the mgm and she came and when she was in the motor home the phone rang and she was right across from me on the other couch and she looked at me and went it's travis and you could see on the i.d. it was and she answered the phone and tried to get off the phone with h him. she didn't want to talk to him. i could hear him. he said damnit scleroderm jodie ducked like she was dodging a bull let. she went outside and talked to him for are about a half hour and she came back inside she was crying and shaking. >> geraldo: do you think he ever hit her? >> i don't know. we didn't really discuss that kind of stuff. it was really i knew that they were going out and he was going out with other women and i knew that he was using her and i told her she should try to get out of that because he kept in flaming the situation by going
7:19 pm
out in other women and kind of throwing it in his face and that is why she was trying to move away to northern california and that is when she came to visit me and he called her not her calling him but that really showeddity isself showed itself the first time i experienced it in person. >> geraldo: we will speak morats the trial goes on here. i appreciate you coming on. amazing to me, ladies and gentlemen. check out so many websites in favor of jodi arias. you you would be amazed. up next, you will meet some minority parents who claim racism in the magic kingdom. hi. hi.
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>> geraldo: it claims to be the happiest place on earth but for
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at least one family disneyland was anything but. here is craig. >> reporter: disneyland is a place where characters come to life for millions of kids. what happens in when the actors in character are having a bad day or even worse are bigots as one family alleges? they claim the white rabbit from alice in wonderland turned his back on their kids and it wasn't because the rabbit was late for an important date. the reason for the rabbit's conduct in a lawsuit filed last week was race and color. tell me what happened to your son jason, jr. and his cousin kobe? >> he touched the rabbits who hand and tried to hold it. he pushed his hand away and stood there and shied him away. my son jason went second and he went up to the rabbit and the rabbit did the same thing. >> what was it about the actions that made you believe that this was a racial incident? that he was biased against your
7:24 pm
kids? >> an acian family went up and the rabbit hugged them and leaning over them and taking the picture. after a caucasian family did the same thing and the rabbit hugged them and put his arm around them and they took the pictures. >> jason claimed they photographed the affectionate encounter with other children but were told to delete it due to privacy concerns. all my kids knew were we got treated differently and their faces dropped. >> eventually the white rabbit did pose with the children. >> they appear to be smiling. >> he was hurt inside and sad. i actually had to tell my son to smile for the picture. >> tell me how you felt when the white rabbit turned away from you. >> i tried to hug him but he turned his back. >> he turned his back to you? >> yes. >> how did that make you feel? >> sad.
7:25 pm
>> what did you think when went over to the other kids that were in line, the asian family and white family? what were you thinking. that. >> that he is not hugging me because of the skin color. >> after spending three hours with disney management and numerous follow-up calls eventually the black family was offered a refund and vip treatment but decided to file a discrimination suit against the actor playing white rabbit and walt disney parks. >> i'm not looking for anything, only thing i was apology andis an ale pollgy if i would have gotten that we wouldn't have went forward with this. when my kids hurt someone's feelings i make them apologize. >> another family from modesto, california, claims a white rabbit chased and verbally assaulted 13-year-old jocelyn after she jokingly grabbed his fake tail. >> he grabbed me by my arm and
7:26 pm
neck and told me don't you do that again or i will call security. and he said don't even start your -- i mean he cussed. >> disney's response this seems to be a blatant attempt by a lawyer to generate publicity for a case that has no merit. all i it shows is a family dib latry provirginia teching a character for their own malicious amusement. the house that mickey built has reacted strongly to the charges of alleged racism saying we believe the claims are without merit and plan to vigorously contest the lawsuit. we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and strive to provide wonderful experiences for all of our guests. disney says that they are investigating. have they told you who the character is? who the white rabbit was? was this the same white rabbit
7:27 pm
with the modesto family as the san diego family? >> since we filed the lawsuit they had no communication with us. it would take a real jerk inside the white rabbit costume to treat a little black kid different by because he is black and a real jerk to treat a 13-year-old girl and curse at her and grab her by the neck because he is mad at her. >> we are not saying disneyland is racist. we are saying the person behind that suit no matter what nationality he is, he shied our kids away because of the color of their skin. >> with the cherished brand and characters these in times square appreciated adored and copied around the world the spokes woman susie brown said disney is investigating the troubling allegations and geraldo the website reminds employees in every occasion you are the representative of our
7:28 pm
company. >> maybe the white rabbit is a jerk but i don't think disney is racist. i think they will get to the bottom of it. coming up, how some college girls are paying their expensive tuitions and the latest live from the daytona international speedway on today's devastating crash. the toll of injured now up to 33. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru.
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york. word in from nevada that police found the black suv used as a getaway car in a predawn shooting and crash. the incident left three people dead including an aspiring rapper and two people in a taxi. 26-year-old amar harris named as the prime suspect. police are looking for harris who was arrested last year on pimping charges. harris who has tatoos on his right check and neck should be considered armed and dangerous. inside look now at what authorities are calling another well engineered attempt to sneak drugs into the country near nogales arizona. the second time in a week that officials thwarted underground drug smugglers. last week cops got more than 1200-pounds of marijuana. rty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. large chunks of debris flew as
7:33 pm
high as the upper deck at the daytona international speedway today, plowing into the crowd speeds estimated at 200 miles an hour following a terrifying crash on the final lap of a preliminary race. at last count, at least 3 spectators injured, two critically. one a child. to get the latest on their condition, the status of sunday's daytona 500, the great american race, we go live to wtbt fox 13 sports director chip carter who saw it all. it looked crazy. chip, tell us about it. >> geraldo, it was crazy actually when the car hit the fence it sounded like a sonic boom at the speedway. the place went completely quiet. everybody knew how serious it was. 28 people were at first reported injured. 14 treated at the infield care center here but 11 rushed to halifax which is where the trauma center was. >> geraldo: any word on the child? >> no word on the child other than what we are hearing is he
7:34 pm
or she is one of the two that are critically injured. possibly facing life threatening injuries. >> geraldo: there is a lot more video to give you a real sense of the terror. i saw some on you youtube and then outrageously nascar ordered youtube to remove it. >> there will be lawsuits. emergency workers flooded the area and they had a quick response. flooded the area with emts and firemen. i counted at least 7 or 8 ambulances. from a medical standpoint they handled it quickly but you know there will be lawsuits coming out of this. >> geraldo: tomorrow's race featuring danica patrick on the pole. is it on? >> not only is it on but you will have fans sitting in the same seats. it hit the fence at probably the softest part of it, geraldo.
7:35 pm
the engine went right through a gate in the fence which i have never seen in all of the years covering nascar. tomorrow the place again will be sold out and fans will be sitting right in those spots. >> geraldo: i appreciate if. >> you got it. >> geraldo: the president and congressional republicans are loved in the death match over next friday's automatic cuts to the budget but everyone who would agree that what mr. obama did last friday in chicago was long overdue. watch. >> last year, there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city. and 65 of those victims were 18 and under. >> geraldo: after avoiding the issue for years, president obama finally went home to chicago last friday to address the deadly gun violence ravaging young black children in the windy city. >> that is precisely why the overwhelming majority of americans are asking for some common sense proposals to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. >> geraldo: just hours after that speech another youngster,
7:36 pm
18-year-old jenay mcfarland was shot and killed. she was not the intended target police say. >> it is hard to believe. she didn't deserve it. she he didn't deserve that. >> geraldo: the bitter irony, her younger sister destiny attended the president's speech. >> it really hurt me when i found out that it happened to my sister because i was just listening to it and thinking about her dying. >> geraldo: the audience included the parents of the girl gunned down just weeks after performing in the inaugural parade. >> they sprayed impugn gun fire into the group. >> i'm robbed. she was only 15. >> geraldo: they are just the highest profile the 57 gun murders in chicago since the
7:37 pm
beginning of the year. in the time, 809 illegal guns were seized by cops. nine times the amount taken in new york city. yet there are hundreds of thousands more out there in chicago and other urban areas athis country. last week, the president also addressed an issue at least as important as the oversupply the illegal guns. it is the undersupply of fathers. >> we should do more to promote marriage and encourage fatherhood. as the son of a single mom i turned out okay. but at the same time, i wish i had had a father who was around and involved. loving, supportive parents. >> geraldo: she is the daughter of the greatest muhammad ali. she has been touched by the awful violence in chicago. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> geraldo: tell us about your cousin? >> he was 19 years old.
7:38 pm
my first cousin and he was tragically gunned down in front of his home in chicago. it was a nice neighborhood but he was a victim of just random gun violence. it was gang initiation. >> geraldo: was he a gang banger himself? >> absolutely not. he was an honor roll student. promising career. very popular. smart. the killer actually was a 15-year-old that wanted to get into a gang and so he had to kill someone to do it. >> geraldo: that is going back about 15 years when you see this violence still so rampant, worse than ever, i wonder how you feel? >> i can't believe it is worse than it was. i mean it is over 500 murders in chicago last year. and now it is on the rides. i want to do something to help. a lot of the people in the community. >> geraldo: you have a situation here where the president of the united states and the first lady from chicago, they live just a mile from the worst centers of violence now. the president now going and talking about family responsibility and men really fathers have to do their jobs.
7:39 pm
some critics say it is better late than never but it has been a a long time. don't we need more of that? >> the kids who don't have role models at home. it is a lot of the kids who their role models are gang bangers. they don't have fathers at home. it has to start some where. i think talking to families. single parents mostly and trying to get into programs that help get the kids off the streets, i think that is a good start. >> geraldo: do you remember i sparred with your dad one time? >> i saw it. i was laughing. i thought it was funny. >> geraldo: pretty comical. >> it is. >> he was putting his hand on my head. >> you were an aspiring boxer. i think you retired after that, right. >> i did 25 years but he made me feel is silly. when i was in the gym the quarter century i spent in the gym a lot of inner city kids were also there and expended the energy in a good way for their own fitness and their own some of them became pros or
7:40 pm
semi pros or just am auteurs. kept them off the streets. kept them engaged and involved. your program with the police athletic league and crime commission is similar to that. explain it? >> my dad was part of the police athletic league in louisville. a lot of other well respected figures like general colin powell and a lot of the leaders of the military came out of police athletic league kids look at the program and see there is hope to get out of their neighborhoods and do something great for their lives. not only boxing but scholarships and internships and apprenticeship. part of the program to get the kids fo focused on something positive and off the street. the tournament may 6 in stickney, illinois, at hawthorn racetrack. because of the horrible crime rate going on in chicago ha it has to be done and now is a
7:41 pm
perfect time. >> geraldo: something definitely has to be done. we talk about gun control. we need gun control and i want these guns to be off the streets and people buying them back, that's great. we also need kid control. >> and the earlier the better. >> geraldo: how is dad doing? >> he is great. i face time him all the time. amazing. when i see him he looks great. he still works out i just want to let you know and he does very well. he does in the gym. that is his passion so he will never stop doing that. >> geraldo: i love him. and i remember when you were on my old talk show. >> me and my sisters were on your show and i will never forget that. we had a wonderful time. >> geraldo: great to see you and love to dad. >> thank you, geraldo. >> geraldo: up next, at age 13 she topped the sales at 175 and now lean and mean and showing the obese how to become the biggest losers. plus, the college girls who use sugar daddies to bankroll their tuition, next.
7:42 pm
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why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. >> geraldo: as a teenager my next best topped the scales at a whopping 175-pounds. since then she shed 60 big ones. now, the prettiest drill sergeant in the country. the star of nbc's "the biggest loser" and author of slim for life.
7:46 pm
we welcome jillian michaels to the program. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> geraldo: did you think of yourself as large when you were 13 year old. >> i knew i was a fat kid. i got picked on all the time. kids know. they are not stupid. >> is it a burden than they carry? >> absolutely. it is difficult for adults to deal with let alone kids. for a teenage terrorist attack is soul crushing especially at a time when it is so important to fit in. >> i recently took a disney cruise with my family. i had to choice, but i notice how heavy so many of the noticeers were and i notice that they were eating 24/7 the food available around the clock. are we a fat country. >> two thirds of adults are obese and one third of kids. clearly an epidemic which is becoming a pandemic if it isn't
7:47 pm
already. we are because food is a cheap vice. it's quick and cheap and you can control it. the thing you know and that is we you have got to it really teach people how to find ways to nurture themselves that are life affirming versus destructive. >> when you see one like governor chris christee who may be the next president. is that voluntary what he is doing to himself, a gland due larenta thing. in. >> no, no. >> people would say i have a thyroid condition. >> if you do have a thyroid condition quite honestly it is easily fixed with proper diet nine out of ten times. with that said is is equated to being 15-pounds overweight. governor christie, i believe that although he is obese you you shouldn't judge him on that if you like the job he is doing you should vote for him. if you don't like the job he is doing, don't vote for him. but somebody could be perfectly
7:48 pm
healthy and walk out of the house and get hit by a car. >> geraldo: if he came on your show would he look different at the end of it? >> of course, he would if he came on the show. if he was willing and ready to make a change and gave himself over to the process, of course, he would. there is no way he wouldn't. >> geraldo: in new york mayor bloomberg passed an ordinance no soft drinks over 16-ounces. like the ey idea? >> i like his intentions. i would like to see policy that incentivized people. take the tax dollars that go to corn and so i and processed food and put them towards local farmers so that vegetables, fruits, meat, dare arey are more affordable. why can't we take small towns and give them grants for bringing in farmers markets or let food stamps be available at the farmer's markets? >> geraldo: slim for life. also the star of the biggest loser. do people really dread going a restaurant with you? >> they don't.
7:49 pm
>> geraldo: do they say oh, no, not that. >> or stop at strange's tables get that out of your mouth. >> i'm very live and let lev. this is sort of my joke about myself. kind of like a vampire. you have to invite me in to get bit. if you ask me for help you are in the danger zone. i mind my own business other than that. i do my thing and do my work. if you invite me in the door then you invited the devil. >> geraldo: thank you. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: next up, college is expensive. how would you feel if your daughter was essentially renting her isself out to a sugar daddy to cover her tuition? you will meet some of the co--eds, next. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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7:52 pm
>> a guy is a guy why not have
7:53 pm
somebody help you out and you help them. >> rossty tuesday is an exchange of -- rossty tuesday is the exchange of sex for money. in a sugar relationship. it as relation isship, into the one time transaction. >> brandon wade runs the seeking arrangement .com website that hooks up needy college cohe eds like my guest jessica with sugar daddies to help them pay for college. critics claim the arrangement is just san itized prostitution. >> i don't prostitute myself out at all. i let them know when i go on the dates that i will not have sex with them for money. >> geraldo: that is what you are telling me and i take you at your word. but brandon, i mean that is not usual. it would seem to me. our research and some of the things you said indicates that most of the women d hook up wih
7:54 pm
these older men who are paying their way. >> it is like a husband and a wife. money exchanged. there is sex exchanged somehow but all done within a relationship. there is chemistry involved and people fall in love tell us the typical sugar daddy. who is the last one? yes. >> took me to beverly hills and whined and dined me. >> you are in college in louisville. >> yes. >> you met him where? >> on the dating website. >> where physically did you meet him on this date? >> he actually flew out to my town. >> he came to you. >> yes. >> and then you flew together to california. >> yes. >> geraldo: and then what? >> and then we went on dates. we went to the beach and everything. he had a separate hotel and that was pretty much it. >> geraldo: it sounds pretty tame in your telling. how much money did he give you?
7:55 pm
>> he gave me $3,000 for the trip. >> did he give you $3,000 just for the trip. >> just for the trip. >> geraldo: have you seen him since? >> no, we keep in contact, though. >> geraldo: 3,000 from him. what other dates and how much have they? >> i had about $10,000 from the dates. >> geraldo: and tell us some of the other activities. >> mostly the people i have actually went with is actually in miami. i had two men from miami. >> geraldo: what did you do? >> i went on dates. i tell them i will go on dates with you, that's it. >> geraldo: that's it. >> just dates. just wine and dine. >> geraldo: again, i have to stress my in credulity just knowing men as i do. multiple dates and no sex. >> no sex at all. >> geraldo: even if you are with the same guy is several times. >> they will try to talk you into it but i'm strictly with my word and if they can't handle that i can always --
7:56 pm
>> geraldo: well, you are here and i know that your family is watching so that is -- i won't press you any more. on the telephone, juliette is it? >> yes, it is. >> geraldo: hi, juliet. in what state are you in college? >> i'm actually in california. i would rather not say where exactly, though. >> geraldo: tell us your dates, are they as sanitized as our guest here in the studio? >> i had some longer term sugary daddies a few months at a time. my i guess current sugar daddy i could also call my boyfriend. we elevated our sugar relationship to something more. >> geraldo: and how does he pay you? >> in -- he actually just makes transfers over to my bank account. >> geraldo: on a monthly basis? >> it is. he also purchased a little apartment for me. imney school so he pays my
7:57 pm
tuition and that sort of thing. >> geraldo: how much a month do you figure you are netting with your activities? >> all together, well, my allowance is between $4,000 and $5,000 a month. >> geraldo: he gives you $4,000 to $5,000 a month. >> yes. >> geraldo: and pays your tuition? >> yes. >> a good part-time job. how old is he, just curious? >> he is in his 40s. >> geraldo: now, brandon, are you kind of a pimp? i mean tell us? >> i think i'm an e cupid. matching people who might fall in love and in this case as you have seen most of the relationships involve some sort of romance. >> are you in love with this man or are he just paying your way? >> very much so. we are very much in love. >> geraldo: and how many sugar daddies is have is you had? >> three. he is my third and probably my last.
7:58 pm
>> geraldo: and what year are you in college? >> a junior actually. >> geraldo: so one a year? >> actually, i had some gaps in between. the first one lasted for a few months. >> geraldo: what would your family say if they knew that you were doing this? >> my family would i think they would be okay with it. they understand, you know, i'm -- they didn't have money for me to -- they didn't have the money to pay for my college tuition so, you know, i had to work. >> so have you ever been investigated, brandon wade at seeking arrangement .com? >> no, the website is strict. we do not allow escorts and rules are clear. >> no pros. no one asking money for their time even. >> geraldo: if they work out a deal the way juliette has, fine. >> you you have to remember college students most are single and dating actively
7:59 pm
anyway. >> geraldo: the one thing i do agree on is college tuition is way too expensive. there is almost a trillion dollars in college loans outstanding right now. wait until that bubble bursts. good luck, everybody. thank you folks at home for watching. see you on the radio and social media. have a great week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data...

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